About Me

Julie-Ann Marshall

An event manager, administrator, and coordinator with 20 years’ experience supporting all types of projects, from conferences, fundraisers, business meetings and campaigns to concerts, theatre and creative projects.

Julie-Ann Marshall on a Devon beach
Julie-Ann Marshall holding Georgie Girl on the QM2 in New York
Julie-Ann Marshall speaking at City Industry Panel New York
Julie-Ann Marshall

Lived in New York for many years gaining invaluable experience coordinating high-level global campaigns, organising UK-US collaborative projects and supporting events across the US before returning to the UK.

Strong organizational and administrative skills, with a proven ability to multi-task, problem-solve and diplomatically manage contributor and stakeholder needs whilst providing cost-effective and creative solutions within budget. Good communication, planning and negotiation skills. Can manage a project from conception to delivery or undertake a portion of the assignment.

Seeking opportunities to utilize my organisational, administrative and collaboration skills with freelance, part time or short-term contracts.

Julie-Ann has planned and delivered a wide spectrum of events including conferences, global meetings, concerts, launches and award ceremonies. Many of these being international collaborations with clients as diverse as Ruder Finn, HBO, BBC America, Discovery Global, Human Rights Watch, Women Deliver and Plan International. In addition to corporate, arts and media projects, she organised events for several United Nations agencies, such as UNICEF, UNESCO and UN Women, where participants included high profile speakers, heads of government, thought leaders and heads of state.

Working throughout the United States, Julie-Ann was responsible for all multimedia and event production at Morgan Stanley’s conferences and seminars. Duties comprised, managing budgets, sourcing suppliers and supervising onsite technical logistics.

Reporting directly to the Board, Julie-Ann organised and supervised all premiere film screenings and BAFTA events in New York. She increased membership by 25% and developed relationships with UK and USA media organisations.

Co-ordinated the promotion of UK comedy and drama TV programs to the USA.

Conducted pre-production research for news and documentary TV and radio programs made by the BBC in the USA.

Reporting directly to the Producer, Julie-Ann organised all aspects of programme production, both in the studio and on location, in the UK and abroad.

Alongside the above, Julie-Ann managed many other end-to-end projects. These included, film and arts festivals, benefits, marketing tours, live music, exhibitions and theatre.