Film TV Expert production of all creative projects More than 15 years of industry experience Marshall Events Theatre Media & & & Arts Press Launches J Film&TV Film & TV Premieres   and   Screenings Red  Carpet   and   Festivals Media&Arts Media & Arts Press&Launches Press & Launches PR  and  Media Events Books   -   Film  &  TV Press   Awards Panel   Discussions Theatre Theatre Production   and    Festivals Openings   and    Benefits “One of the most extraordinary executive producers working in the international art, film and television fields.”  Paul Lee,  COO,  BBC America “Simply a pleasure to work with and a true professional.”    Mike Wallace,  60 Minutes,  CBS “An invaluable resource for UK clients working in the US.”   Penny Vine,  BBC,  UK “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making the event unforgettable.”

Ishmael Beah,  NY Times
Bestselling Author

"Julie-Ann continues to make a significant contribution to cultural relations between the US and UK which I warmly applaud.”  Sir Thomas Harris,  British Consul-General “As a facilitator for trans-Atlantic creative projects, JMP is indispensable.”     John F Andrews,  OBE,  The Shakespeare Guild “The best Executive Director BAFTA East Coast has ever had.”   Susan Wagner,

 President,  Boardwalk Entertainment

“Outstanding professionalism and enthusiasm as a multi-skilled producer.”

Liz Sugden,  COO,
Mediadrome,  UK

Julie-Ann Marshall is an experienced Event Manager based in the South West UK

Providing a wide range of event services including flexible consulting packages

Film & TV

Projects include documentary screenings, film festivals, promotional tours, film & TV launches, premieres, award ceremonies and red carpet events.

Media & Arts

Specialties include live music and dance performances, art expositions, gallery openings, benefits, international arts festivals and photo exhibits.

Press & Launches

Specializing in book, magazine and media launches, opening nights, red carpet, press conferences, panel discussions, print campaigns and PR events.


Productions include opening nights, award shows, readings, US and international festivals, benefits and management of US-UK collaborative projects.