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Equal Measures 2030A few weeks ago J Marshall Events (JME) had the honor and pleasure of organizing the launch event of Equal Measures 2030 in New York. EM 2030 is a non-profit partnership between nine organizations working towards ensuring that the gender equality goals of 2030 are met. By organizing data and evidence, they will engage with decision makers by highlighting where the gender gaps lie and if quantifiable progress is being made.

Expect the unexpected!

The event was originally to be held the previous evening, but had to be cancelled when Winter storm Stella closed down most of New York. Rescheduling the event with less than 24 hours notice proved to be an unexpected challenge. We had to rebook the venue and vendors, change the catering and even hire new staff.  Fortunately, J Marshall Events is used to last minute changes and we thrive on the unexpected!  What was intended to be an evening reception became a luncheon, and despite reduced transportation around the city, we had a great turnout.

The Equal Measures 2030 Team
The Equal Measures 2030 Team

Culinary Treat

Set in front of the beautiful snow covered balcony at Scandinavia House, the launch embodied the very spirit of global collaboration that Equal Measures 2030 is striving for. Our canape buffet of stuffed grape leaves, lamb kofte, s’mores on a stick and English tea platters, courtesy of Between The Bread, took our guests on a culinary international treat!

Impressive Ladies

The inspiring speakers, Dr. Jody Heymann (WORLD Policy Analysis Center), Esther Mwaura-Muiru (GROOTS Kenya), Nnenna Nwakanma (World Wide Web Foundation) and Crystal Simeoni (Femnet Secretariat) hailed from Canada to Kenya. This impressive panel of ladies was led by the new director of Equal Measures 2030, Alison Holder. The event was upbeat, and light-hearted and the vivacious emcee, Nnenna Nwakanma frequently reminded everyone of the most important part: the open bar!

Despite the snowy setbacks, which only added to the camaraderie in the room, we at J Marshall Events had a wonderful time and stand 100% behind the goals of Equal Measures 2030. We look forward to supporting the organization and working with their wonderful team again in the near future.

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