Tea Time Talk

with Julie-Ann Dawson Marshall, UK-based cake baker/decorator extraordinaire

The two ‘Julie-Ann Marshalls’ met through LinkedIn. JAM kept noticing she had a namesake, realized that they are both from the UK, both work in events and the friendship grew from there.

Julie-Ann Dawson Marshall

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The thing that I most enjoy about making cakes and designing them is the look on customers faces when they come to collect the cakes. Its awesome when they smile and go quiet, while they take in what is in front of them. Pure happiness.


Name 3 things you can’t live without.

My Kitchen Aid mixer, it’s a lifesaver, my arms would be the size of Popeye’s without it. 
My husband, who makes dinner if I’m too busy making models or baking.
 My children who have been my testers – a very important job!

What was your most memorable event/job?

The most memorable, is yet to happen. I’ve got a very big cake to make in the summer and its going to be huge.

Skull Cake


If you could trade places with one other person for a week, who would it be?

My mum, she is such a great cook, and has so many hints and tips for baking, she could write a book. Or Mary Berry, the famous British baker and host of the Great British Bake-off, but just to get close to her co-host Paul Hollywood. He is so fine and a great baker of breads!

Who would you like to share tea and biscuits with and why?

Dawn French, (the British comedienne from shows such as the Vicar of Dibley and French & Saunders). I love her happy go lucky lifestyle and she acts like she doesn’t care what other people think of her. It would also be a bonus that she can make me laugh. Everyone needs a good cake and chat.

Brian's Flowers

If you weren’t in this field of work what would you be doing?

I am a qualified holistic therapist, hairdresser, beautician, masseuse and reflexologist so I would be doing that. Take your pick! But I do love baking.


To see more of Julie-Ann Dawson Marshall’s Work, check out her Facebook page: Julie makes cakes with love

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