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From Denmark to Canada

Last week during the UN General Assembly (UNGA), J Marshall Events had the honor of planning an incredibly important event; the passing of the Women Deliver (WD) baton from Denmark to Canada.

Women Deliver 2019

In 2016 Denmark had the pleasure of hosting the Women Deliver conference. They embraced every moment and held a month long celebration of events, coming up with concrete solutions that are still in place today. Canada will be hosting the next Women Deliver conference in 2019 and although they have big shoes to fill, if the words of Minister Bibeau and Madame Sophie Trudeau are to be taken to heart, they are up and excited for the challenge.

Serious but Fun

Although Women Deliver deal with serious, often times difficult, subjects; they were determined to make the event fun and interactive. The whole team composed mainly of women, arrived at the UNGA checkpoint to be escorted through UNGA security to the Delegates Dining Room to set up for the activities. These included an interactive Ideas Wall where guests could leave their suggestions on topics they would like to see discussed, and speakers they would love to hear at WD2019. The responses ranged from Lady Gaga to Malala Yousafzai. We also set up a selfie station with fun props and a polaroid camera. It was a major hit and the guests got some great memories to take home with them.

Passing the Baton

Half way through the evening there was an actual passing of the baton (the Women Deliver arrow) from Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark to Madame Trudeau. The wonderful speakers included Katja Iversen, Minister Tørnaes, Minister Bibeau, Madame Trudeau and two young leaders, Dakshitha and Olaoluwa Abagun. They all spoke passionately about how we, as a society, treat our women and girls and as Sophie Trudeau said, “We need to be held accountable for telling the truth and the truth is we can’t leave out half the population”. It is up to us, all of us, to work harder and do better.

Investing in Girls and Women

It’s events like these that remind us here at J Marshall Events why we do what we do. When people get together and work together we can achieve all our goals. As Katja Iversen reminded us all, “When you invest in girls and women, there is a ripple effect and everybody wins”. We here at J Marshall Events want everyone to win!

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